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Adamis Shipping Agency was founded in 1898 and until today provides its services

to all kind of vessels calling all Cretan ports.

The agency covers  all the vessel’s requirements to ship-owners, charterers, operators and receivers  in a safe and timely manner. Furthermore, we can handle any of vessels/crew matters and needs. The appreciation, the recognition and the trust of all our associates are our motivation for our daily progress.


​​About us  


Adamis Shipping Agency was the first agency in Crete founded in 1898 by John G. Adamis in Heraklion of Crete.

Afterwards, the children of the family John and Paideia Adami took the operation of the agency.

In 1950, Jason J.Adamis and his wife Artemis Adami undertook the company, who established the shipping department of the agency. This was a major beginning for the forthcoming way.

Their son, John Jas. Adamis continued the tradition, who is the manager of the agency since 1977 having covered an important and very successful career in shipping.


Today, John Adamis and his daughter Alexandra Adami are working together having always as principles: morality, reliability and consistency.

Our long experience and successful cooperation with our customers, who make up a large part of the Greek market, makes us able to provide our services in the best and most reliable way. The office serves all types of ships calling all ports of Crete.

Our head office is centrally located in Heraklion city.




With deep Knowledge, diligence, several decades of experience and well trained personnel, we make sure that the best services are given to our clients that honor us by choosing us as their local agents.

Our wide range of services includes:

1. Shipping agents for all kind of vessels (commercial, tankers, tranzit, cruise vessels, yachts, research vessels, war ships, etc

2. Brokers

3. Loading & Discharging operations

4. Import/export formalities (EU advance declarations-Cargo customs declarations as per Electronic Custom requirements)

5. Handling and Delivery of supplies

6. Crew change / Crew welfare

7.Assistance for ships and master’s requests






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Mones Agarathou 20A




T  +302810 283180 – 288117 – 241155

M +306956776883    +306948580862

F  +302810 285180


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